Thanakha is a tropical tree that grows in Myanmar. It’s scientific name is Limonia acidissima . Thanakha paste has been used by Myanmar women for over 2000 years and is cherished part of the national identity. The bark paste obtained from these trees are so fragrant that the ladies of Myanmar like it very much. Myanmar women feel great pride when they asked to explain about the milky yellow paste covering their faces. The organic Thanakha is a daily cosmetic and it is the gift of god to our Myanmar women. Amoung the different varieties of Thanakha, Shwebo Thanakha and Shinmataung Thanakha are popular in Myanmar. The use of Thanakha and it’s popularity is spreading to our neighbouring countries day by day. Our Shwe Thonedary Thanakha products are combined with nature and science to create effective quality and easier to use.